PhoenixProjectLogoPhoenix Project
The Moreland City Phoenix Project is a community big band open to all comers, playing music that has jazz and funk influences, much of it original music.




Krysalis_logoKrysalis Band
The Moreland City Krysalis Band is a community learning ensemble open to all comers, playing music that has jazz and funk influences, much of it original music.



BigBandFrequencyLogoMockupBig Band Frequency
This full size big band aims to have fun while enjoying good music and entertaining audiences with our library of jazz and popular charts. We aim to have fun and hope you do too.


Andrew Murray presentsATM15, Melbourne’s hippest 16-piece big band. ATM15 combines the sophistication of jazz harmony, form, and orchestration with the passion of contemporary soul music, all presented with the raw driving energy of a big band.


DrummingAfrican Drumming Classes with Ray Pereira
Hundreds of students (beginners, intermediates, advanced, local, international, adults and kids) have benefited from Ray’s ability to deliver complex threads of traditional rhythms with a teaching style that makes them accessible and achievable.


LowDownBigBandLogoLow Down Big Band
The Low Down Big Band is an 18-piece group from Melbourne. They’re young, fresh and play high-energy music. You can expect a big sound, funky beats, swinging solos and good times when Low Down hits the stage.



Yowo Music is a contemporary music program aimed at high school aged girls interested in pursuing music. Each program lasts 1 semester, with weekly workshops every Sunday morning held in East Brunswick. The program ends with a performance at a local music venue.


Shining a spotlight on the best and brightest in Melbourne jazz and improv.


ImmortalHornsImmortal Horns
This high-energy group have stormed the Melbourne music scene with their gut-busting brass sound. Originally conceived as a busking group, the Immortal Horns juxtapose smooth harmonies with punchy riffs; all executed by their fearsome line-up of trumpet, trombone, tuba and drums.


JCLittleBBJC Little Big Band
The JC Little Big Band is a 9 piece big band in the style of the great big bands of the 40’s.
We play a great collection of classics from artists such as Count Basie, Duke Elington and many more from that era.



Brazilian music and dance is fun, energetic and creative. Rich in history, culture and rhythm the Melbourne Samba School aims to pass on this heritage to students of all ages and musical levels.


Heidelberg Wind Ensemble

An advanced Wind Band for serious amateur/professional players above the age of 18. We play a challenging Wind Band repertoire with three concerts per year.